As Elon Musk continues to destroy Twitter, I’m building up accounts on many of the alternatives. Substack seems to be a very robust platform, so I set up a page here and am spending more and more time. Notes appears to be a winner - we’ll see.

1. I’m the Editor-in-Chief of Science

I already have an amazing platform as the Editor-in-Chief of Science where I write an editorial roughly every other week and have an editor’s blog. Those will be the main place that I post about science, science policy, and science communication. But I have many other interests including jazz, session musicians, central FL, theater, college sports, and who knows what else. I also Tweet and comment a lot about higher education, having been a long-time faculty member and administrator at UNC-Chapel Hill and WashU. Sometimes, these ideas are a fit for Science, but sometimes better on my own channels. So, I’ll put that stuff here. I’ll never have a Substack that you have to pay for since my primary obligation when it comes to content is to produce material for Science and the other journals. Here’s my bio if you want all the details and business relationships.

2. Subscribe if you want to read my musings

If you like my Tweets, then sign up here and I’ll see what I can do. I’ll try to make it amusing. To give you a flavor - here’s me at age 16 with my awesome Kustom guitar amp that I never should have sold. It’s very similar to the one John Fogerty used with Creedence that is very prominent in the recent Netflix doc. Sounded amazing when you turned it all the way up. The record I’m holding is Wired by Jeff Beck. I eventually figured out I would never play like him and switched to bass.

And here’s me with the Captain of the Starship Enterprise.

You get the picture. Click the subscribe button if you want to see if I come up with anything.

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Holden Thorp, Science EIC

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