I’m now clean and sober (i.e., off Twitter) and posting here regularly. Thanks for signing up, will try to keep ‘em coming. As usual, the views expressed here are not necessarily those of AAAS.

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I already have an amazing platform as the Editor-in-Chief of Science where I write an editorial roughly every other week and have an editor’s blog (the blog is reposted here on Substack, also). Those are my main places, but I also post here about science, higher education, science policy, and science communication. I have many other interests, including jazz, session musicians, mental health, central FL, theater, college sports, and who knows what else. I post on Bluesky, Threads, LinkedIn, and Facebook. All the links are on my Substack bio. I’ll never have a Substack that you have to pay for since my primary obligation when it comes to content is to produce material for Science and the other journals. Here’s my bio if you want all the details and business relationships.

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I try to make things amusing. To give you a flavor - here’s me at age 16 with my awesome Kustom guitar amp that I never should have sold. It’s very similar to the one John Fogerty used with Creedence that is very prominent in the recent Netflix doc. Sounded amazing when you turned it all the way up. The record I’m holding is Wired by Jeff Beck. I eventually figured out I would never play like him and switched to bass.

And here’s me with the Captain of the Starship Enterprise.

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Science and science, music, central FL, mental health, and DC. Views not necessarily those of AAAS.


Editor-in-Chief, Science Family of Journals. Jazz, soul, and classic rock enthusiast. Prof at George Washington University. Views not necessarily those of AAAS. No longer posting on X. On Bluesky, LinkedIn, Facebook.