“If we get no response or an unsatisfactory one, the guidelines are vague about how long we should wait before we take action.”

I think 3 years of being duped by a university is long enough, i think 99% would agree

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Two things can be true.

1. Universities and publishers have not taken integrity of data production and stewardship seriously enough at the administrative level. Tools and support for scientific data acquisition and provenance are pushed off on individuals with little technical and financial support from the central university. Many faculty do well despite this, but some fail and these are headlines.

2. The proposed regulations may not address the problem. As the critics point out, the regulations may be burdensome, drawing resources to administrative oversight and away from the infrastructure tooling that would prevent the problem in the first place. Following the healthcare model, we do not prevent the disease by lifestyle change; we sell drugs.

As to what this looks like to the broader public, I could not judge.

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