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Marc Lipsitch noted way back in 12/20 in an interview with JAMA's editor after the vaccine trials that vaccinated herd immunity wasn't mathematically possible due to insufficient sterilizing immunity. Fauci lied about this for a very long time. So who was the real source of disinfo or misinfo?


The science also didn't change, Fauci's lies just became too difficult to conceal. They was only so far the goal posts could be moved and Fauci ran out of field


Fauci's repeated use of relative risk reduction without providing the absolute risk reduction for needed context was also very disturbing especially with observation mask studies and masking. For one meta-analysis study he cited, he used a rRR of 53% to "prove" that masks "absolutely work". Though he forgot to note that the aRR was only 0.47%. So he used the rRR without the aRR to greatly distort the significance of the findings of this meta-analysis.


Sadly these examples weren't the only times Fauci was deceitful.

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