Very insightful--I have had trouble even understanding how Texas A & M got to this point and you helped me see some of it.

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Dear Professor Thorp,

If I may, we all are left-wing in our teenage ... can't wait to bring about the change for BETTER (e.g., root out senseless identity-based discrimination and make room for reasonable equality/lauter Einsen/all ones). Over time, we begin to feel, under the weight of failures (cf. Isaiah Berlin), if not changing for A BETTER, let us, at least, try to preserve THE GOOD (e.g., family bonds, cohesive social fabric, just to name a couple of GOODs that fueled our imagination: to imagine BETTER in the first place, in spite of the mind-numbing evil/cruel/wrong presenting itself as a terrifying face staring straight at us with the express intent of immobilizing us). Thus, or so it seems to me, we begin to go easy on rousing chants for CHANGE and struggle to work silently, in solitude not unlike an indiscernable distant background oblivious to audience, for unity-preserving change (in accord with and respectful of the nature of CHANGE).

Thanking you,

Yours truly,


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