We the lauter Einsen (with due apologies to Cantor ;) hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all of us are different (had we all looked the same, we wouldn't be; cf. contrast is the basic building block of our conscious experiences), that having a scientist as a parent is not at all necessary to become a scientist (e.g., having a farmer as father didn't get in the way of Professor F. William Lawvere revolutionizing mathematics and its pedagogy; my father, also a farmer, didn't get in the way of me learning patch-clamp recording, thanks to Professor Stuart Lipton, who didn't look like my father, and it didn't make me feel lonely; my father, a farmer, didn't get in the way of me learning single-unit recording from the brains of awake behaving primates, thanks to Professor Thomas Albright, who didn't look like my father, and it didn't make me feel lonely; my father, a farmer, didn't get in the way of me learning conceptual mathematics, thanks to Professor F. William Lawvere, who didn't look like my father [in spite of the fact that his father is also a farmer], and it didn't make me feel lonely), and that it doesn't matter---for science---who does science as long as what's done is science and not something other than science in the name of science. Of course, it matters for scientists. Sacrificing science at the altar of scientists is a recurring theme in human history, but with the same ending: both science and scientists end up in bardo every time scientists declare war on science.

The root cause of all this, whatever you'd like to characterize it as, is not having a clear understanding of the rationale behind reservations for those who deserve. There are two applicants: 1. Pawan Kalyan and 2. Prisoner6093. There is one position: Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Pawan Kalyan dropped out of high school. Prisoner6093 is a first-class student. Going by their academic achievements, ranking of the applicants is obvious, based on which Prisoner6093 is selected to run the state and he ruins it, resorting to crimes, which would make British appear saintly, all to enrich himself. Surely, he's the richest chief minister. In retrospect, it's no surprise! In his early teens, Prisoner6093 stole question papers, thanks to which he got the first class alluded to earlier, with a collateral advantage of making money selling the stolen question papers. It got worse: cruel and evil, all of which has to be blamed on resorting to simplistic rank ordering.

Cut to the chase, it's a question of ranking those that don't have an intrinsic rank order; thankfully, there is science to help us (cf. https://www.umu.se/en/staff/patrik-eklund/?flik=publikationer).

Sorry, I didn't explain the rationale behind reservations/equal opportunity as clearly as I intended; I have been working/refining it, having realized that most people (in academia) have a complete misunderstanding of it all, but invariably they tend to correct their misunderstanding when the rationale for reservations is explained. In brief, it's not about caste or race or gender or ...; it's all about the greater good of all of us AND not at the expense of anyone of us. More soon! Got to go ...

I have a research proposal:

Nirakara AND Nirguna: The Holy Grail of Mathematics

to which I have to attend to now!

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I attended a Penn State graduation yesterday as the faculty Marshall for my biology graduates. How I wish we had been in the room when you gave this speech!!! We’re at a small campus and most of the time I don’t resent UP perks but this is one I do.

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