Mar 17, 2023·edited Mar 17, 2023

I disagree with certain points: I think the research misconduct arises mostly from the tournament model.and the mismatch between current PhD production and current opportunities. It is like a hungry person stealing bread. Not starving, but certainly hungry and pressured. I also think this is the biggest problem in science today.

I don't think recognition solves the problem. I think matching the amount of time put into the career with the salary and value is what is needed. Lecturers with PhDs are overtrained for their positions, and even worse there is an oversupply of PhDs in science. Hence, we end up with low salaries for Lecturers relative to their qualifications.

It is a supply and demand issue. Saying "good job, here is an award" won't make their student debt go away (if they have that) or give them as much savings as someone who choose a more supply and demand matched career. Maybe higher salary for them is part of what you are advocating for, something similar to the concept.of a minimum wage rather than market based salaries, but that would not solve the supply and demand issue.

I do think there was good in the post, I focus on the places of disagreement (or my disagreement with my interpretation of part of what you meant) with the intent of being constructive.

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